syriza government of the left : the way forward?

19 12 2012

The leaders and leading component of Syriza,  Synaspismos, have proposed  a constitutional and parliamentary way out of the political and economic crisis, which continues to inflict deep hardship and suffering on the working people of Greece. Barry Biddulph looks at the politics of Syriza. 


Yiannis  Dragasakis, the economics spokesman for Syriza, proposes a common European solution, of renegotiating Greek debt with other European countries, through the institutions of the EU. (1)  The goal?  Reform of the EU; to stabilise the economy in Greece and promote Keynesian style  economic growth throughout Europe. Yiannis Bournous, a member of the central committee of Synaspismos emphasises  the constitutional aspect of Syriza’s politics, by stating the aim is to negotiate a change in EU treaties, to avoid exit from the Eurozone (2)

The party leader, Alex Tsipras, has underlined the respectable nature of these politics by repeating his resolve to keep Greece in the Euro and has argued for a Roosevelt style New Deal in Europe. (3) Tsipras has been keen to show he is fit to govern, by insisting Syriza would be a responsible  government.

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