islamists steal the arab uprising

24 02 2013

duvinrouge offers a view on the Arab Uprising in advance of the Commune’s Discussion Day meeting on Saturday 2nd March in London.

People-power has changed regimes. The Arab ruling classes are now scared of their people. This has had reverberations worldwide & the power of social media has shown its potency. Unfortunately the main beneficiaries of the upheavals have been the Islamists. This has echoes of the Pan-Arab Nationalism that brought Nasser to power in 1952. Then US imperialism was able to react, maintain & even extend its interests. The only defeat being the Iranian ‘Revolution’ of 1979. Are we now seeing a Sunni version of this reaction against western imperialism & its accompanying immorality?

Islamists in Syria

As we all know the Arab revolt began in Tunisia when Mohamed Bouazizi set himself alight on 17th December 2010. The corrupt Ben Ali family was chased out by the people 28 days later. Then came Egypt with the dramatic scenes in Tahrir Square. After the death of over 800 people Mubarak resigned on the 11th February 2011, only to be replaced by the military. The winners of subsequent elections in both countries were the Islamists: Ennahda in Tunisia & the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

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over fifty people deported to iraqi kurdistan

7 08 2009

Between fifty and fifty-five people were forcibly deported to Iraqi Kurdistan yesterday afternoon on a specially chartered mass deportation flight, operated by Alitalia airlines.

Four white coaches took deportees from Tinsley House, Brook House, Colnbrook and Dover immigration prisons, with others brought in G4S vans. The flight left Stanstead at 5pm and arrived in Erbil International Airport at 10 in the evening. Each person was given $100 then left at the airport. Read the rest of this entry »

stop deportations to iraq – defend iraqi and kurdish refugees

7 04 2009


Human rights campaigners, trade unions and refugee rights organizations across Europe, please join our campaign to defend Iraqi and Kurdish refugees

The American coalition forces attacked Iraq in the name of bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq instead they have brought terror and killing. It has been six years since the American led invasion of Iraq, yet killing, security, poverty, unemployment and lack of basic services continue in Iraq. Yet Iraqi refugees remain the highest percentage of any nationality entering neighbouring countries, Europe, America and worldwide. Read the rest of this entry »

hands off the people of iran conference report

14 12 2008

by David Broder

On Saturday 13th December I attended the conference of Hands Off the People of Iran, a solidarity campaign not only opposed to military attacks, “surgical strikes” and sanctions against Iran, but also supporting struggles against the régime waged by the workers’ movement, women’s and student organisations.

Just over sixty people attended, which was slightly down on last year, no doubt largely because the threat of a US or Israeli military attack on Iran seems lesser now that the US government and its allies are making deals with Islamist élites in order to extricate themselves from Iraq.

After a report on the last year’s activities, there was a general discussion on the current situation, led by Torab Saleth. This particularly focussed on the seemingly more “pragmatic” attitudes to foreign policy now held by the American ruling class, as symptomised by their majority support for Barack Obama in the recent presidential election and the weakening of the neo-conservative voice on Capitol Hill.  Torab and several speakers from the floor warned that the situation could change suddenly, particularly given the continuity shown by Obama’s appointments, the risk of the US ruling class lashing out under pressure from the recession, and even the possibility of an Israeli “surgical strike” without Obama’s approval. A further consideration is, of course, the weakening of the Iranian economy with the collapse in world oil prices.

In any case the situation is in many ways unpredictable because (i) the Obama administration and the Iranian régime are not utterly irreconcilable and could easily reach accommodation: the latter supports the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and aggressively implements IMF neo-liberal reforms (ii)  nor are their relations purely “rational” or reflective of greater economic or strategic dynamics. Read the rest of this entry »

report on student stop the war rally

7 09 2008

by David Broder

There were two self-proclaimed “socialists” on the platform at the Student Stop the War rally in London today – Tony Benn and Lindsey German – and most of the one hundred people in the audience were from the Socialist Workers’ Party and other “socialist” groups. But working-class politics was not on the agenda. Not only did they fail to cite the workers’ movement as the agency to fight imperialism, there was almost no talk of solidarity with Marxists and trade unionists in conflict zones like the Middle East and the Caucasus.

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east against west… or class against class?

5 09 2008

text of leaflet for the 6th september student stop the war meeting (from 3pm, birkbeck college, malet st, central london).

The recent Russian-Georgian war and the ensuing crisis in the Kremlin’s relations with the European Union and USA have little to do with the fate of South Ossetia. The territory and the 70,000 people who live there – a third of the population of Hackney – are merely an insignificant pawn in the current bout of great power rivalry. Although we have not yet seen an attack on Iran, conflict zones and fronts of tension are expanding at a canter. Read the rest of this entry »

demonstration: hands off kurdish asylum seekers!

30 08 2008

the international federation of iraqi refugees and coalition to stop deportations to iraq are holding a joint lobby to protest at the uk home office’s continuing policy of forcible deportations to iraq.

lobby of the home office, 2 marsham st, london, westminster/st james’ park, thursday 11 september, 12.30 – 14.30

the families of hussein ali and muhammed hussein will be attending the lobby: hussein ali committed suicide days after being forcibly returned to kurdistan on 7 august. muhammad hussein died of cancer following six years of struggle to gain refugee status in the uk.


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