thatcher’s dead, next capitalism!

9 04 2013

Thatcher was a product of her time, says duvinrouge. Capitalism was in crisis in the 1970’s. To avoid a major recession Bretton Woods was ditched. There was no longer a direct link to gold & fiat money launched financialisation. What finance capital needed above all else was the abolition of capital controls. This, alongside the defeat of the trade unions & privatisation, was Thatcher’s significant achievement. With the free movement of capital banks were able to begin ‘globalisation’. Imperial colonies were no longer needed to plunder the world. Finance capital directing the multi-national corporations were able to further discipline & enslave the workers of the world. But all this was built upon the dodgy foundations of excessive credit/debt which has ultimately led to the crisis capitalism faces today. Hence Thatcher’s wins were battles won that only postponed, & importantly magnified, the crisis of capitalism. Capitalism will still lose the war.

Thatcher's Dead

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9 04 2013

Hell was private all the time… but still very funny. XD

Probably her dearly friend Pinochet is already in charge down there.

Thatcher began her career inflating ice-cream (more volume, less substance, same price) and continued blowing up the speculation bubble that, oddly enough, lasted for almost two decades… Enough to take down the arthritic Soviet system and make us believe (or almost) that Evil always wins.

But meh, it was just a mirage, like the ice-cream.

9 04 2013

Thatcher defeated and destroyed the NUM,but it was not a single handed achievement. She was successful only because she received help from the leaders of other trade unions who did not want top fight the class war. So it was one sided war. As for the anti trade union laws, the trade union bureaucracy were willing to be their own jailors.

Then there is the other real enemy within the workers movement, the Parliamentary Labour party,who showed Solidarity with Thatcher and not the Miners. The leader of the Labour Party denounced the pickets and refused to call for wider solidarity for the miners.

The implication of some of the remarks of Owen Jones(independent 9 April ) is that Britain was poisoned by class war and we need to revive the sprit of 1945 and rebuild Britain. Thatcher did not transform the Labour party. The Labour party started to transform itself from 1976 in terms of neo Liberalism. But the party always stood for managing capitalism or carrying out it’s requirements. For instance, Modernisation by the Atlee Government which meant class war against the dockers and other workers

Its not about nostalgia for the post war consensus and trying to revive it in the conditions of a deep structural crisis of Capitalism, but stepping up the class war on our side.

9 04 2013
Roy Ratcliffe

Hi There! I have made similar comments to Commie46 in my own contribution to Thatcher. Entitled ‘Death at the Ritz’.at She was just a neo-liberal figurehead along with Reagan and all the other political ‘puppets’ who since been handed the neo-liberal baton.
Regards, Roy

15 04 2013

There is joke saying that Thatcher has already shut down half the furnaces in hell, but this joke misses the point about hell. Hell is a place where all the evil bastards go to get long delayed justice. The devil will be rubbing his hands at the prospect of seeing Thatcher, she won’t be in charge but will be suffering beyond imagination.

Think of hell as the place where the errors on Earth are put right!

17 04 2013

The myth of Thatchers invincibility is the most difficult to understand since the working class in their communities and indeed in their millions refused to pay the poll tax and defeated her. She beat trade union officialdom probably her only victory. But trade unions are bureaucratic entities and do not defend their own members as we have seen recently in local government.


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