bristol reading group on primitivism and eco-socialism

16 09 2010

The next Bristol reading group session will be on Sunday 26th September at 6pm in Café Kino on Ninetree Hill, Stokes Croft, Bristol.

Note that we are back at Café Kino. The session will discuss anarchist primitivism and eco-socialism. Suggested background reading below. All welcome: email for more info.

Green Anarchy Collective “What is Green Anarchy? An Introduction to Anti-Civilization Thought and Practice”:

For a critique of primitivism see Andrew Flood, “Civilisation, primitivism and anarchism”:

An eco-socialist alternative from Michael Löwy , “Ecosocialism and democratic planning”:

Green Anarchy Collective critique of the Left, “The Problem of the Left”:

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20 09 2010

here are a few other things towards a better debate,6104.0.html

tHERE are other radical class war perspectives on ecology

20 09 2010

always good on the topic is Murray Bookchin’s Re-enchanting Humanity: A Defense of the Human Spirit Against Antihumanism, Misanthropy, Mysticism and Primitivism (1995)

20 09 2010

SOME key places to look that go beyond the binary being played out.

1. look at the real existing climate justice movements of now,
2. class struggle and fuel poverty
3. the critique of development and modernity coming from latin american movements including those acting at the grassroots against the pink tide states
ie in ecuador, bolivia, venezuela and also in peru ie the bagua struggle. All these are starting to link up with other sections of the proletariat.
4. the us ( largely black ) environmental justice environmental racism movement – anti-toxics, urban farming, fenceline industry action…

27 09 2010

I think we can all agree that a habitable environment is a barrier to maximum profits that must be abolished immediately.


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