manchester class struggle forum on china, 19th august

15 08 2010

The next meeting of the Manchester Class Struggle Forum will take place on the subject of class struggle in China.

Recent years have seen a rise in class conflict in China, as workers in “the sweatshop of the world” become increasingly confident in asserting their demands against an authoritarian state, multinational corporations, and servile trade unions. We will be discussing the implications of these developments, and what lessons we can draw from them for the future.

The meeting will be introduced by a presentation on the subject, before moving to open discussion.

Suggested reading

NB – the reading below is not essential for the discussion, but is suggested for background

China: crisis, class struggle, and the ‘harmonious society’

Class Conflicts in the Transformation of China – Aufheben

Welcome to the ‘Chinese Century’ – Aufheben

China: the generation of unhappy workers – Wildcat

Spartacus’ blog

The forum will take place at 7.00pm, on Thursday 19th August at the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester

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2 responses

18 08 2010

Link to the document The Truth is Concrete analysis of emergent imperialism in China…wish we could join your discussion but were a few continents away

24 08 2010
bill j

These people are a bit much. They nick my theory and then call me a kitsch Trotyskyist. Is that because they’re kitsch humanists?


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