videos of ‘uncaptive minds’ forum on women in the class struggle today

26 03 2009

On 9th March The Commune hosted a London forum on the subject of “women in the class struggle today”. The speakers were Liz Leicester (chair, Camden Unison); Sheila Cohen (author, Ramparts of Resistance), Mary Partington (Left Women’s Network) and Clara Osagiede (RMT cleaners’ grade rep). 21 people attended.

Seven videos of the introductory speeches are below. The end of the speeches and the ensuing discussion will appear shortly, and we aim to make such video recordings of our meetings a more regular feature of this website.

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2 responses

29 03 2009
Bill Stickers

seriously wtf is the music at the start of the first video? Its like what you’d hear in the elevator to hell.

12 11 2010

hey everyone.. I hope that you all are having a great day! Just wanted to say that you can watch free episodes whenever you want!
Well I’ll check back later :D


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